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Installing R and Python

Instructions to enable R and Python support

TeeBI includes several units that implement "algorithms" (statistical and machine-learning) using the R Language and Python Scikit-Learn runtimes.

These units are located in the Sources\Algorithms folder.

Steps for R Language

  • Install R Language runtime.

Download the runtime for Windows (32bit and 64bit) from this link

  • Install opaR library for Delphi.

opaR for Delphi library enables native access to R language runtime dlls.

Download opaR from this link

  • opaR depends on two additional libraries that should also downloaded:



  • Setup paths in the IDE

The easiest way is to open the IDE "Tools->Options" dialog and add the following paths to Delphi->Library->Search paths (for both 32bit and 64bit platforms)

  • ... TeeBI\Sources\Algorithms
  • ... opaR\Src
  • ... opaR\Src\Devices
  • ... Spring4D\Source\Base
  • ... Spring4D\Source\Base\Collections
  • ... generics.tuples\src

Steps for Python and Scikit-Learn

TeeBI provides native access to Python runtime by using the Python4Delphi library

This library is embedded in TeeBI so its not necessary to download it.

The unit containing Python4Delphi classes is BI.Plugins.Python.Engine.pas

Python and Scikit-Learn runtimes can be downloaded and installed from their main websites:

Or, for an easier installation, you can download the "Pandas" library that includes both and much more:

Example Projects

Demos showing TeeBI Algorithms classes usage are located at "Demos\Algorithms" folder.