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Installing TeeBI in Delphi IDE

Installing TeeBI in RAD Studio IDE

TeeBI includes an automatic installation tool "TeeBIRecompile.exe".

This tool automatically recompiles all packages and sources for each selected ide.

After compiling, it registers the packages so when you open the IDE all TeeBI components are ready to use.

Inside the IDE, the menu "TeeBI -> Data Manager" shows the Data Manager dialog where you can manage Stores and import data into them.

The IDE component palette includes a TeeBI category, for both VCL and Firemonkey frameworks.

TeeChart and TeeBI

The visualization part of TeeBI (TBIChart and TBIVisualizer controls) require a version of TeeChart installed on the IDE.

The recompile tool automatically determines which TeeChart version, if any, is installed at each IDE.

If the TeeChart version is "Lite" (the one that comes included by default), it will recompile TeeBI packages using only the Lite features.

The Pro version of TeeChart includes many more capabilities, like 3D charts, many more "Series" styles and helper tool components that are used by TeeBI when it is detected.

Installing R and Python support for machine-learning

TeeBI algorithms for R and Python can be optionally installed.

Instructions to install R and Python TeeBI support