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Similar to grids, any TDataItem can be visualized in graphical format using the TeeChart control.

When using the TeeBIRecompile.exe tool to recompile TeeBI source code, each ide is inspected to detect which version of TeeChart is currently installed, and the BIChartxxx packages are configured to use either TeeChart "Pro" or TeeChart "Lite" versions.

The "Pro" version enables more functionality, like automatic custom axes to display complex TDataItem sub-data, axes scrollers, many more charting styles (series types) and so on.

There are two ways to visualize data in graphical format.

One is using the TBIChart control, for example:

BIChart1.Data := MyData; // <-- TDataItem object`

The other way, more advanced, is using the TBIVisualizer control.

This control will automatically detect the data structure and choose by default the most appropiate controls to display data.

BIVisualizer1.Data := MyData; // <-- TDataItem object`