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Exporting data

In the same units that contain the import classes (, there are exporting classes to perform the opposite, for example to generate a JSON file from the "Orders" TDataItem:

uses BI.Data.JSON;
var JSON : TBIJSONExport;
JSON:= TBIJSON.ExportFormat;
JSON.Data := Orders;
WriteLn( JSON.AsString );

Data can be exported to the following formats: CSV, HTML, XML, JSON, Excel, ClientDataset, PDF.

Export demo

Microsoft Excel exporting

Any TDataItem object can be exported to Microsoft Excel format (.xls, .xlsx, etc), without the need to have Excel installed on that machine, by using a "plugin" class to a 3rd party library.

The unit BI.Data.Excel.TMSFlexCel implements a small "plugin" to use TMS FlexCel library, available at:

Other plugin classes should be easy to create as the quantity of code is minimal.

Example code:

uses BI.Data.Excel, BI.Data.Excel.TMSFlexCel;
TBIExcelExport.SaveToFile(MyData, 'mydata.xlsx');