ToolSeries overview



Public Methods

 Clone (inherited from Tool)
 GetBitmapEditor (inherited from Tool)Returns the associated bitmap icon for a given Tool class. This icon is used at Tools gallery ListBox and Tools Editor dialog.
 Invalidate (inherited from TeeBase)Use Invalidate when the entire canvas needs to be repainted.
 ToString (inherited from Tool)

Public Properties

 Active (inherited from Tool)Enables/Disables the indexed Tool.
 Chart (inherited from TeeBase)Chart associated with this object
 Description (inherited from Tool)
 GetHorizAxisReturns the associated Top or Bottom Chart Horizontal Axis.
 GetVertAxisReturns the associated Left or Right Chart Vertical Axis.
 SeriesSets Series with which Tools are associated.
 Summary (inherited from Tool)
 Tag (inherited from TeeBase)Gets or sets an object that provides additional data about the TChart object.

Protected Fields

 bBrush (inherited from Tool)
 InternalUse (inherited from TeeBase)
 pPen (inherited from Tool)
 ShowInEditor (inherited from TeeBase)

Protected Methods

 ChartEvent (inherited from Tool)
 Dispose (inherited from Tool)
 KeyEvent (inherited from Tool)
 MouseEvent (inherited from Tool)
 OnDisposing (inherited from Tool)
 SameClass (inherited from Tool)Returns True when the tmpSeries parameter is of the same class.
 SeriesEvent (inherited from Tool)
 SetActive (inherited from Tool)
 SetBooleanProperty (inherited from TeeBase)
 SetChart (inherited from Tool)
 SetColorProperty (inherited from TeeBase)
 SetDoubleProperty (inherited from TeeBase)
 SetFloatProperty (inherited from TeeBase)
 SetIntegerProperty (inherited from TeeBase)
 SetStringProperty (inherited from TeeBase)

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